Welcome to the West Virginia Society of Professional Surveyors Foundation.
Our Foundation was formed as a charitable non-profit (501(c)3) in order to provide monetary assistance to the West Virginia residents who are pursuing an education in surveying and desire to become licensed professional surveyors. Our goal is simple: to educate and offer financial assistance so that more resident students will become competent surveyors and will have an opportunity to pursue their dreams while helping to supply avital public service to the state of West Virginia.

Currently, in West Virginia, there is an urgent need for professional land surveyors. The average age of licensed surveyors is rapidly approaching 60. Due to this fact, along with the lack of public awareness concerning our profession, we are gradually seeing a diminishing number of these important professionals. These are the very individuals who are willing to make the decisions that so dramatically affect the future and safety of our nation's economy. No commercial development is proposed/commenced and no financing is complete without the signature and seal of the professional surveyor.

The WVSPS is responding to this need by providing scholarships to as many surveying students as possible through our Foundation. As a professional society, we feel it is our duty and responsibility to do whatever possible to educate, assist, mentor, and replenish our surveying profession with highly trained and skilled individuals. These are the students who are willing to ascend to future positions so necessary in the land surveying community. We have all heard the expression, but it bears repeating: “every man is a debtor to his profession." Thank you for your time and the interest you have shown by reviewing the message of the WVSPS Foundation. Personally, I hope to someday recognize all of the students that we have helped become land surveyors at a society event. With your kind generosity in funding the WVSPS Foundation, I believe we can make this happen. Here’s hoping we can make it a very crowded and well-populated event!

Stephen Caldwell, WVSPS President

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